Songs and Poems


       Riverview – Keep It All for Us

Back in the nineties, this park was planned then,
Deep Creek Marina, the City Farm then.
It all was zoned park; let’s keep it all that way__.
Keep it all for us in Riverview. 

This land is our land, this City Farm land—
Not to be sold land, forever park land.
No subdividing—all for the people__.
Keep it all for us in Riverview.
The only profit goes to the builders.
We’d be left holding the bills when they’re through
For infrastructure and wider highways too__.
Keep it all for us in Riverview.
No fancy homes here, no condo towers.
Let’s keep the nature, the trees, the flowers,
Let’s keep the river – all to enjoy__.
Keep it all for us in Riverview.
Save Riverview now; take to the river.
One park united let’s now deliver.
This farm is our farm; the waterfront is too__.
Keep it all for us in Riverview.
To City Council we all have spoken.
Keep to the promise; keep it unbroken.
Let’s work together for all our citizens__.
Keep it all for us in Riverview.
Can be sung to the tune of “This Land is Your Land,” by Woody Guthrie.

 © 2016, 2017 Adrian H. Whitcomb Jr.


Why Do People Come to Parks?

Why do people come to parks?
It should be clear to see –
To escape city and suburbs
And relive history.
So what is placed within or near
Should never thus subtract –
To bring them in and bring them back
We must admit this fact.
Development would take away,
Would change the atmosphere,
And visitors would ever ask,
“What is that doing here?”
And for a dollar here right now
We’d sacrifice much more,
And those in future years would wish
For days that were before.
So keep the best, don’t spoil the rest
In this historic place.
To build upon an acre here
Would only then deface.
Let’s find more ways to bring them in
And show them history,
And make them glad each time they come
For all that they do see.
     © 2017 Adrian H. Whitcomb Jr.


          A Better Way

There is a way to have our cake
And thus for us to eat it too –
Instead of selling off this land
A better way pursue.
A park will bring more people in,
And in our city they will spend
Both time and money, in the end
These benefits accrue.
The services we thus provide
Less than for those who do reside,
And in our city much more pride
In this our waterside.

For this our park will have it all –
The fields, the farm, marina too
No one will need to ask again,
“Where is the river view?”
All of us will then enjoy
The very best of all the views,
A highlight it is sure to be
Of this our Newport News.
So let’s think smart and keep this prize.
Don’t let it slip now from our eyes.
For us it should be no surprise
What’s good, what’s right, what’s wise.
© 2017 Adrian H. Whitcomb Jr.