Town Halls

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“Riverview — Keep it All for Us,” sung by the audience at the City Farm Town Hall, at First Baptist Church of Newport News, March 6, 2017 3255

Below is an outline for the three Question and Answer videos, giving the approximate time that each speaker appears on each video.

(1) Q/A City Farm Town Hall, 1st Baptist Church, 3-6-17 1636

Introduction of City Council members and Moderator
Dr. Patricia Woodbury
Herbert Bateman Jr.
Dr. van Tine

Format for most of this outline:
Approximate Time on Video, Speaker

Why not put the City Farm under the Parks and Recreation Department now?
2:30 Bateman
9:00 Woodbury

When will City Council commit to a park?
14:40 Bateman
16:50 Woodbury

Don’t the City Council members realize that this will be a permanent legacy of this council?
21:20 Bateman
22:30 Woodbury

(2) Q/A City Farm Town Hall, 1st Baptist Church, 3-6-17 1637

A question about the Draft Comprehensive Plan
0:00 Woodbury – Asks people in audience to shout out what they would like to see in the park

Do we really need an outside group like the American Planning Association?
6:05 Bateman
10:15 Woodbury – Questions from audience: How do you see citizen involvement? What is the first step to prevent house on the City Farm? A Planning Commission member has told Woodbury that he wants housing, but will vote for a park because of the Framework for the Future.

14:50 Whitcomb – Comment on the 150 page Draft Comprehensive Plan

From Audience: What can we do to expect something to be done about the park?
19:30 Bateman

Why did City Council listen to a proposal for development?
21.39 Woodbury – Thinks there should be a deadline likes July 1 or City Council will wait until after the next election.
Christine G. – there should be no deadline. We should wait until we are sure of 4 votes.
What are the obstacles to tearing down the no trespassing signs [Continued in (3)]

(3) Q/A City Farm Town Hall, 1st Baptist Church, 3-6-17 1639

Why not have a weekend when the City Farm is open to the public?
0:00 Woodbury
1:30 Bateman

If you were a real estate agent 5 years from now and trying to sell houses in the now existing neighborhoods of the Menchville / Denbigh area which would you rather be able to tell your clients?
(A) A neighborhood of half-million dollar houses was built on the last piece of public waterfront in this area of Newport News.
(B) There is an excellent waterfront park within easy driving or bicycling distance.

2:05 Bateman – Fix-up existing houses
3:40 Woodbury — Newport News already has tax incentives for fixing up houses.
5:20 Bateman

How many e-mails have you received about the City Farm?
5:45 Bateman – Thousands
6:25 Woodbury Hundreds, only one for development

From Audience: Why not have a straw vote so that we can find out who is for development?

8:00 Vick — Wants some development, highest and best use
10:45 Whitcomb – More than 76,900 housing units in this city. 205 more won’t lower your taxes.

13:45 Woodbury From audience – What guarantee is there that a future council won’t sell the City farm?
Closed with letter from a young man, Steven Widlacki

16:20 Bateman – Closing, wants all councilmembers to embrace a park

17:50 – 19:30 Whitcomb – Closing remarks